Walking Simulator

a adventure game about searching
a missing hunter
and meeting with
alien beings!

explore wild nature of cold lands
follow the trail of missing friend

climb on a rock
 lure out a boar
meet a wolf
 survive in a rockfall
cure a deer and trick a creature

Meet the Unknown!
save a friend and yourself
in strange alien world

Find the Mystery

Target platform

Story inspired by Clifford D. Simak


main character

The story about a hunter.

Berak's a good hunter. He lives in a small village on the edge of the forest.

Where the winter all year round and gets only colder year by year.

One day Cilla, Berak's neighbor, meets him in tears.

Her husband Hendrik hadn't returned from the hunt for a week, she and their kids is very scared.

Barak goes in trip to search the missing Hendrik to bring him back home.

No one couldn't imagine what his search would lead and

who's waiting for him for so long...


Images are in-game pre-alpha footage and not representative of final quality.


developed by

Ivan Sukhanov

I'm a game developer with wide experience in the games industry previously working in a AAA title ("Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare"**) in role as 3D Middle Artist at TRACE studio. Later, in small titles in roles as "Tech Artist", "Engine developer" and "Tech Lead".

My ambitions is to use my varied skills to create amazing games with pleasing visuals, deep ambient and fantasy-sci-fi narrative.  

I'm working on a new adventure game "The Frosts: First Ones" for PC*. 

* Other platforms is possible but not been planed now.
**"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" is trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc.


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Ivan Sukhanov


Ufa, Russia


© 2021 The Frosts: First Ones by Ivan Sukhanov (@ivsukhanov)